Kara Stowers

Industrial problem: Developing heterogeneous catalysts for ethane to ethylene conversion. Together let’s use ultra-high vacuum to study catalyst surfaces!

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Stowers Group Research

The Stowers laboratory has research interests that span inorganic, organic, and physical chemistry in the aim of understanding and improving catalysts.

Using Carbon Dioxide as a Feedstock: We aim to find ways to manage and use Carbon Dioxide.

Inorganic Heterogeneous Catalysis:  We plan to synthesize new catalysts to activate Carbon Dioxide. We aim to use readily available transition metals such as Nickel and Iron. 

Organic Chemistry with Carbon Dioxide:  We aim to react carbon dioxide with other hydrocarbons to form carboxylic acid products such as acrylic acid, succinic acid and adipic acid. 

Physical Chemistry and Surface Science:  We aim to closely study new synthesized catalysts in ultra high vacuum to ultimately design new catalysts, optimize reactions, and improve catalyst efficiency.